Bringing a little colour to the garden...

The refurbed beer garden at The New Clarence
The New Clarence's "new" beer garden!

We have been busy during lockdown, making lots of little improvements to the pub. The vast majority of them are not obvious - especially from your side of the bar - but the beer garden most definitely is! As daft as it sounds, some of our customers didn't even know about this space, tucked away at the back of the pub and surrounded by other buildings. It was pretty neglected when we moved in, with peeling paint and a grubby awning that wouldn't retract. We've smartened the place up, introduced a few plants, refurbished the tables and added some more lighting. We thought we'd fixed the awning, but having got the electrics working we retracted it - and it's staying there for now. If you know anyone who works on this type of thing, please let us know!

Meanwhile, we now have a much more pleasant place in which to enjoy a beer in the sun! We are taking a limited number of bookings - see the bookings page for details!